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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on the following Open Source Projects i contribute to:

  1. MvcImage – Now has been released as Stable Release. I’ve removed the Bradaz.OpenSource Project reference and updated the project to use a reference to the assembly dll instead.
  2. Bradaz Utilities – I’ve released the Bradaz.OpenSource project on Codeplex. It includes the following.
    •  Stream class to help handle common I/O Stream activities like, RewindStream.
    •  Image class to help handle common Image activities like, ImageToBinary, FromStreamHeight, FromStreamWidth, FromByteHeight and FromByteWidth . There are some methods to help create Thumbnails.
    • MVC class to help handle common MVC activities like HTML Helpers to handle images and some Debug classes to interrogate ModelState.

I will be adding to this as i build more utilities.

I’ve recently joined Dev Circle and we hope to create more Open Source Projects together, one being an MVC Project using EF. Watch this space.

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Code52 – Show & Tell – Post Mortem

Hi Everyone,

As per my last post, i had the honour of being one of the Show & Tell projects on Code52 site. This is a just a quick post to show you how much exposure something like this can give an aspiring Open Source blogger! It rocketed my visits, by creating my busiest day yet by 114 extra hits, a total of 218 hits for that day! I also generated additional 2 followers and my MVCImage Project got an additional 100 odd downloads from Codeplex, which im very happy with!

So what’s next? Well, firstly i want to finish my wife’s app, then i want to try my skills out with the code52 gang if i can. Yes  i dont think im good enough yet, but hey, im going to have to try one day!

Wordpress stats for the day of the Code52 article release.










Here are some of the other Show & Tell posts from other Code52 contributors

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