#8Weekgame – 5th Week Update

Firstly, apologies for the delay in missing the last two weeks posts. The festive season (plus dayz) has eaten into my time. This hasn’t stopped out developers though, so here is the update. Peter Lamb Peter’s Uprising is coming along nicely. Peter has managed to revise his camera class as well as his rendering engine. Also a […]

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#8Weekgame – 2nd Week Update

  The 2nd week is now upon us and the contenders have been busy dev’s! Plus we now have the 8weekgame Counter ticking down as we speak (Thank you Shawson), check it out. I wanted us to use the official site more, but we seem ti be focusing our efforts on Facebook, which is fine for now. In the […]

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[Reblog] More Shawson Reblogs

Here is a couple of nice articles from my good friend Shaw, who hasn’t installed the WordPress bar on his blog so i have to reblog manually (ggrrwww) . But hey, they are good helpful articles worthy of your eyes.   Copying XML data from a SQL query – Article that describes a nice way of getting the […]

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