Clarizen2Trello – – Beta v1.1.0.3 Released

Another Post, Another Beta…..

As detailed in another post, I submitted Clarizen2Trello as my Appathon 2015 submission. Today I have released an update, which allows for:

  1. Update to show more feed back to the user while the application is running.
  2. Input for Clarizen credentials.
  3. Input for the Trello Board ID that the app is meant to insert the Clarizen Tasks.
  4. Input for the maximum amount of Tasks to pull down from your Clarizen Implementation.

The Release can be found here:

What Next?

I need now to concentrate on Clarizen.NET and getting that ready for beta for people to use. I have hit a crossroad where I cannot add more features to Clarizen2Trello (and PlainClarizen), until this API wrapper is completed. Plus I want the API ready for use for Windows 10 UWP so time is of essence! More on Clarizen.NET soon.

Open Source Clarizen Projects



Since starting (and finishing) my Clarizen Appathon application, I have decided to carry on and release them so anyone can use them – i.e. fix and release the brute code of the Clarizen.NET wrapper. Today I have move forward with that goal by completing the console version of my tool PlainClarizen, which will help me rapidly implement the required entities for Clarizen.Net quickly. So here are the links if anyone would like to follow the repos.

  1. Wrapper for the RESTful API – this is nowhere near finished and I wanted to just get some simple methods in place to pull down and query tasks. There is a simple fluent CZQL creator as well. The coming weeks this will gather pace, so if you are interested watch the repo.
  2. PlainClarizen: Simple application that pulls down a list of available Clarizen Entities and serializes them into POCO C# class files. I started building this so I easily create strongly typed objects for the Clarizen.NET wrapper.
  3. Clarizen2Trello: My Appathon submission. Once the Clarizen.Net is in Beta, my next task is to make this a good and robust application.

All Clarizen, and no play……

With Windows 10 looming, I’m really only going to work on this for the next month, desperately trying to ship Clarizen.Net out so other developers can start hacking and using it. Reason: Working on a Raspberry Pi 2 IoT App in August for Windows 10……