#DDD10 – My Ramblings

This post is a little late as DDD10 was on the 1st September, but I have been extremely busy #cough# attending Gaga concerts and working late. (Yes I’m a big Gaga fan, what of it! :0) ) For anyone that doesn’t know, “DDD” simply means DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper and are community events which are (at the moment) free to the community […]

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[MVC 3] MvcImage Alpha Released – Thumbnail

Ive now just uploaded the 2nd release for MvcImage, that now inlcudes Thumbnail support (Previewing and storage using Entity Framework). This can be found here: Codeplex: http://mvcimage.codeplex.com/releases/view/83859 Github: http://garfbradaz.github.com/MvcImage/ I will write a blog post tomorrow about how to support Thumbnails to go with this release. Please download and let me know what you think! Related articles […]

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