8WG – New Site on its way.

I have been wanting to build my 1st MVC site for a while and always wanted to take the 8weekgame concept further and build it out into its own site. Well now I’m – I have completed the functional analysis and design and now in the process of mocking the HTML pages using a snazzy tool called CoffeeCup. I have decided to get the front end pages done first before moving onto designing and building the backend database (the model part of MVC).

The first protoype page is now up and will grow as the weeks come on. I have decided to use the CSS framework Metro UI CSS to rapidly develop the pages using Microsoft’s Modern UI design language. This is changing with the advent of Windows 10 and there is a new version (3.0) of the Metro UI Framework coming. Please note I will remain on version 2.0 until later on after golive and way up the pro’s and con’s in upgrading. The Mock can be found here:


I mentioned Phase 1 earlier. I’m splitting 2015 into two Phases and using Trello to help me organise this in a simple Scrumboard approach of Todo/Doing/Done. Again this can be found here:


I will of course keep this blog upto date on my progress.

Michael Kennedy on Technology

[The code for this post is available on GitHub]

This article covers the various ways in which you might handle text encoding in ASP.NET MVC. For example, if you were writing a forum web app, you should absolutely be paranoid about what your users are typing into your site. You need to be very careful about how you redisplay their input. For example, a friendly forum user might write something like:

Nice post, thanks for sharing!

On the other hand, they may write:


If you turn around and show this “post” to your other uses, maybe they’ll get hacked. At a minimum, the evil-doers could be a nuisance to your real users.

On the other hand, if you’re building a CMS or utility helper method, you do not want to filter out the HTML a user might type. They probably need to enter some HTML which you’ll…

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A good post i feel.

foreach biscuit - Journeys in ASP.NET, C# and Team System & Team Foundation Server

I’ll first introduce you to a problem we recently had that required the dynamic provision of a class for a particular task and then discuss how we came to solve it using the reflection method Assembly.CreateInstance().

The background
We have many websites – well into double figures – that all utilise a common exception monitoring HttpModule that we wrote. This module is very pluggable and can also be used by third party sites that we either host or assist with developing.

The ExceptionModule, on a basic level does the following:

  • In the Init() method subscribes to the HttpApplication.Error event
  • Once the error is caught, logs the exception details (in database, event log, xml file depending on setting)
  • Looks to transfer the request to a “landing page”- obtained from web.config setting

This landing page reports a branded apology to the end user for browsers and changes the HttpResponse header so that…

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McAkins Online


You can say what you want about Microsoft’s vision with Windows 8, but some companies are taking serious notice of this platform and buying into it. And so we welcome one of the first Business Apps in the Store (yes there are others!), and the most expensive at that. You can try out this app, but to own it, you’ll have to shell out a cool 500 greenbacks. This app is either a big joke, or it is a serious contender for the Topmost  business app. I say this because Pariscribe is for me at this moment a completely unknown company, but seeing they’re doing it big in the Medical world, I will not be surprised if this is the real deal. Judging by the name chosen for this App, I think they are banking of lots of Microsoft Surface usage with this app, and we know that iPad is…

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