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Here is a couple of nice articles from my good friend Shaw, who hasn’t installed the WordPress bar on his blog so i have to reblog manually (ggrrwww) . But hey, they are good helpful articles worthy of your eyes.


Copying XML data from a SQL query – Article that describes a nice way of getting the XML stored in a SQL (Server 2005+) database via a query.




Why you should use var in your for loop variable  – A nice jsfiddle showing how to use control variables in for/loops in Javascript.


Check them out, and Shaw’s other Code Posts, well worth the lunchtime read.

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This blog post is thought provoking. Why? Because of how our Desktop as we know it will change with the coming of Windows 8 and Metro Apps. Personally i think Microsoft’s bold move in redesigning their operating system is well overdue, definitely now that they have a clear contender for their crown as the dominating OSiOS.

As i write this, millions of people are using their iPads and iPhone. A cultural revolution, which lets be fair, has brought Techno-Geek to Techno-Chique. Touch based hardware was uncommon before the iPhone exploded on the scene and now its common place. I like to point out though that Microsoft had TWO technologies which could of rivalled Apples creations well before the iPhone:

  1. Microsoft Surface
  2. Courier

The latter died a death and also (in my opinion) killed J Allards Microsoft passion and the Surface is now in its second iteration, powered by a version of Windows 7. Anyway im babbling. What im trying to say is, Windows 8 is now a tablet OS, where Metro Apps will be their Touch centric Applications which we will find in Windows 8 and Windows Phones (Windows Phone 7 and “Apollo”), and will be delivered to us via the Windows Store to our PC’s  (And Xbox’s and Smart TV‘s if the rumors are to be believed).

Bamn, there you have it Windows 8 will be a tablet OS, designed for tablets AND PC’s!!!!!  This is huge. Very huge. Windows 7 was a huge success, and testament that the thin client Operating System (Yes you Chrome) is not penetrating Home and Businesses as predicted. Microsoft is here to stay. I predict that this will be the boom of Enterprise (ie Businesses) take up of Tablets and the use of Touch. Why? Because its Windows, it uses the Active Directory, it uses Exchange and plugs nicely into the Windows Server architecture. Oh by the way, Windows 8 Server is also using the Metro Design! So Enterprise will have the Metro style regardless.


So to close — Developers, ignore Hotkeys and Shortcut keys. Concentrate on the Touch and Voice experience. The Desktop is dying……..


PS —- Follow Michael Kennedy blog — he writes some awesome posts.

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Michael Kennedy on Technology

[This project is available on GitHub.]

Do you think you need a Window’s app for your next project? Here’s a thought: No you don’t.

Let me give you one less reason choose the rocky-road of desktop apps today. You’ll hear people tell you that if you build applications for business users (so-called LOB apps) that are input heavy or have complex navigation, your only choice is to build a Windows application.

Why? Because your power users will want hot-keys. They don’t want to use the mouse and navigation and all that stuff that makes the web less usable. They’ll just want to hit a few keystrokes and jump from place to place and do that quick look-up or data entry.

If you haven’t looked carefully around the web lately, here’s a revelation:

Real web apps have hot-keys too.

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