8WG – New Site on its way.

I have been wanting to build my 1st MVC site for a while and always wanted to take the 8weekgame concept further and build it out into its own site. Well now I’m – I have completed the functional analysis and design and now in the process of mocking the HTML pages using a snazzy tool called CoffeeCup. I have decided to get the front end pages done first before moving onto designing and building the backend database (the model part of MVC).

The first protoype page is now up and will grow as the weeks come on. I have decided to use the CSS framework Metro UI CSS to rapidly develop the pages using Microsoft’s Modern UI design language. This is changing with the advent of Windows 10 and there is a new version (3.0) of the Metro UI Framework coming. Please note I will remain on version 2.0 until later on after golive and way up the pro’s and con’s in upgrading. The Mock can be found here:


I mentioned Phase 1 earlier. I’m splitting 2015 into two Phases and using Trello to help me organise this in a simple Scrumboard approach of Todo/Doing/Done. Again this can be found here:


I will of course keep this blog upto date on my progress.

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