#8Weekgame – 5th Week Update


Firstly, apologies for the delay in missing the last two weeks posts. The festive season (plus dayz) has eaten into my time. This hasn’t stopped out developers though, so here is the update.


Peter Lamb

Peter’s Uprising is coming along nicely. Peter has managed to revise his camera class as well as his rendering engine. Also a new feature that Peter likes to call Action Triggers. It’s a way of defining class and methods in the level definition XML and when the player collides with a pre-defined area of space, it triggers the method to be called accordingly. This will allow Peter the ability to define methods for e.g. when a player collides, so something. Uprising sounds like it is coming on nicely. Last i looked I think Peter was working on sentry guns!


Martin Elsworth

Martin is an UK expat in New Zealand and has had his folks over for the Xmas break, so Martin hasnt had time to complete anything. I’m sure though a big push is coming……..


Charles Humphrey

Charles keeps on giving, Road Rumble is immense and Charles has another video to show us with full audio. I cannot wait to play this and I think Charles wants to convert it to Monogame and release it on the Windows 8 App Store.


Age of Vampires has blossomed. Charlie was quiet for a while, then out of the blue, these images appear. Look at the egg shell background and the new enemies. Loving it. Remember….this is Charlies first game, hand drawn art, the works. Just think what he will be producing on game 2 if this is the quality now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

***Transmission Start …..missing in duty
***Transmission end.


Andrew Carmichael

Still no update from Andrew, but I’m sure he is beavering away ready for keyboard down on the 3rd Feb.

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