#8Weekgame – 2nd Week Update

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The 2nd week is now upon us and the contenders have been busy dev’s! Plus we now have the 8weekgame Counter ticking down as we speak (Thank you Shawson), check it out. I wanted us to use the official site more, but we seem ti be focusing our efforts on Facebook, which is fine for now. In the future I would love to build a proper 8weekgame site though.


Anyways, here is the update from our dev’s.


Peter Lamb

Peter’s Uprising is coming along nicely. He has a couple of levels built and completed a feature whereby users receive medals for completing levels within certain parameters. Peter at the moment is trying to resolve a Collision Detection bug and had kindly included some Alpha videos for us to see.



Martin Elsworth

A slow week for Martin as he has his folks from the UK in to NZ where he has immigrated. Martin though has started on a basics and has decided his game will be an isometric viewpoint, possibly a Sim City style game or a racer.



Charles Humphrey

Road Rumble continues slowly for Charles as he doesn’t know where to take the game. Charles has addedthough fuel and damage limits, plus adding some animated explosions. In the last newsletter I included a clip of Road Rumble. For anyone who missed it, here it is.




Charlie has his game up and running now for Age of Vampires, and working on collision detection for slopes for his game. From what I can gather this is Charlie’s first game, and I’m really impressed on how much he has accomplished. Charlie has also managed to get a new screen shot up for us, looking good.


No official update from Tash, but i do know she has a lot on at the moment for other personal projects, but still feels she will have time to complete. “Come on Tash, we know you can do it!……”


Andrew Carmichael

A quick update from Andrew. His game is named BeastHunter.  He has sourced his Graphics and next he has a meeting to source some sound effects. The game itself, you can move the beast around the screen and approach some sheep, but they cannot actually eat them yet, yummy!


So as you can see our contestants have been busy on their games, some are moving more swiftly than others, but I’m certain once personal commitments relax/completed/calm down, we will see a raft of new content to tease you with and get you excited to play them February 2013!


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