Project Personal….A bit of an Nightmare!

What a week from hell! My Windows 7 PC’s PSU decided to blow on the day my new brand spanking new Windows 8 Machine arrived (courtesy of Novatech). Unfortunately all my Accountable MVC4 App code is on that machine and then I found I had booked in and synced my latest code (Checked In) on Team Foundation Service so I didn’t have the latest code #sigh#

This was even more frustrating as the I wanted to enter the project into the Dev Circles Code Crash hackathonSo I have decided while I wait to get my data off (New PSU) to start learning Windows 8 App development and create Accountable as a Windows 8 App. So I have read the MSDN Tutorials and tried them out (best place to start) and studied some of the guidelines:

Part 1 – 5 Tutorials

With the basics out of the way I have decided to read Iris Classon’s brilliant WinRT Series, WinRT app guide…. which Iris takes you through the process of creating an WinRT app from design to code. Very good read and I’m finding helpful.

Here are some links:


For anyone who doesn’t know Iris on Twitter or read her blog, then please read this inspirational post detailing Iris coding career since 2011….yes you read it right, 2011. As you may of guess I’m an Iris fan, and completely blown away by her commitment and passion for a craft I hold dearly above everything in my life (Apart from my wife/children, though I’m sure she will disagree).

Anyway tonight I need to sketch my design of the UI…..wish me luck as I’m not artistic at all!

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