Project Personal – End-Of-Week Update #1

This week I blogged  about setting myself the challenge of finishing a personal project,  Accountable, a MVC App for the wife. Well here’s my overall progress:

  1. Planned time out.
  2. Decided to ditch my MVC 3 version and start again in MVC4.
  3. Nearly finished my Generic Repository and Generic Unit of Work to help me manage the Controller Bloat which can creep in MVC Projects.
  4. Decided to use Code First to existing database which allows you to reverse engineer a database. I had already created a relational database usein SQL Server Management studio, so I wanted to use this.
  5. Decided I want to use code52 Metro.css for my presentation layer.

Next Weeks Plan:

  • Finish my Repository and Unit Of Work classes.
  • Start my Service Layer classes for validation.
  • Update Trello.
  • Start a separate blogging thread about how I accomplish things. I have two to do:
    1. Discuss my normalised database for Accountable and the theory behind it.
    2. Show you my Generic Repository and Unit Of Work classes:
      1. IRepoistory.cs
      2. IUnitOfWork.cs
      3. GenericRepository.cs
      4. GenericRepositoryCollection.cs
      5. GenericUnitOfWork.cs

This week has really been about the plumbing and making sure my MVC Code itself from the off, is as clean and robust as possible.


Watch this space next week for my other Tutorial based posts, plus next Sunday I will update you on my progress.

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