Project Personal, Time to get Serious….

As the title stipulates, I’m getting Serious and I mean business. So what am I getting serious about? Well, personal coding projects which I never finish. I’m blessed (cursed) with an over-active imagination which can lead to an lack of discipline at home for my personal work, which is perplexing because with everything else I do, I’m very organised which sometimes borders on OCD‘s (Washing up piles ordered into separate piles springs to mind). Yes I lack basic common sense and I tend to mislay and loose things alot…..but hey that is an integral part of who I’am.  Even at work I’m organised… really organised and anal about time.

So my problem I think is that my imagination is wild at home. I’m unrestricted. I’m free. I’m wild. I need to tame the need to learn “other stuff” and become a Ninja at something, like MVC……..

Hello Project Personal….

I have limited spare time. I have a wife who likes to do stuff as a family and a gorgeous 2 year old who demands my attention (quite rightly).  Plus I use that spare time to run and keep fit, which is also an important feature of my life. But I still have this insatiable urge to learn and code and finish a goddam personal project. Balance is needed, so I have decided to plan my time properly – Hello Project Personal.


  1. Use Spare time only – which is:
    1. 7.30am – 8.30am Monday – Friday
    2. 19.30pm – 21.00pm Monday – Friday
    3. Some weekends
  2. Cannot let this project interfere with family life and running.
  3. Need to complete 1 ASP.NET MVC Project from now until December 2012…..not 2013
  4. Use reading time (Our bed time reading usually consumed by Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novels) reading upon new stuff.

Tonight I have chosen to finish an App i started 3 months ago for the wife. Easy Accounts app so she can track our outgoings on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Easy peasy. I’ve started it and i would say its a quarter the way finished so this would be a good to get it out there and finished. Plus I have decided on some reading materials. So here it is, this is my learning stuff – No more and no less:

  • Accountable – Wife’s MVC app. The name may change.
  • DI for .NET – I will continue reading this book.
  • SQL – Enhance my very poor SQL skills.

The rest of the evening I have been planning using Google Calendar and setting up a Trello board:

Trello Board

Google Calendar

This is a little bare at the moment, but that’s my plan for this week – to plan,plan,plan. I will keep these updated and post specific milestones here or any code samples I feel are appropriate.

Then What?

In the new year (2013 if you didn’t know) I want to use the lessons learn’t and move onto a new project. I have a couple I want to do:

  • 8weekgame – I really want to build the site which will allow me and Shawson to continue hosting new competitions. I have lots of ideas for this so watch this space!
  • Accountable Windows 8 Metro App – If all goes to plan I should have the site live in January, with wifey using it. I would like to write an App for Windows 8 which utilises this system. In October I plan to upgrade to Windows 8 and purchase a Windows 8 Table (Hopefully a Surface) so having Accountable on there would be ace.

What is important though is to complete Accountable and complete it well, while keeping and balancing a family life. If i still have a wife in December I might have succeeded………

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2 thoughts on “Project Personal, Time to get Serious….

  1. This is interesting, I’ve been having similar thoughts recently about how my “hobbys” are fast becoming incredibly time consuming activities and flitting about between them means that nothing ever quite gets done. The only project I’ve really managed to see all the way through to the end was the product of a steadfast deadline that would have meant all of my time, effort (and money!) would have been wasted. I was thinking that perhaps a calendar of activities would set some deadlines that *maybe* I would work to. Look forward to hearing how you get on!


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